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1‘the players grumble about the referee’

complain, moan, groan, whine, mutter, grouse, bleat, carp, cavil, protest
object to, speak out against, find fault with
Northern English mither, twine
informal bellyache, beef, bitch, grouch, sound off, go on, pick holes in
British informal whinge, gripe, grizzle, chunter, create
North American informal kvetch
South African informal chirp
British dated crib, natter
archaic plain over

2‘my stomach was starting to grumble audibly’

rumble, gurgle, murmur, growl, roar


1‘he listens to his customers' grumbles’

complaint, moan, groan, whine, muttering, grievance, objection, protest, protestation, cavil, quibble, criticism, charge, accusation
informal grouse, grouch, beef, beefing, bellyaching, bitching, grouching
British informal whinge, gripe, whingeing
British plaint

2‘the grumble of his stomach’

rumble, gurgle, murmur, growl, roar