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1‘she was asked to guess the weight of the animal’

estimate, calculate, approximate, make a guess at, make an estimate of
hypothesize, postulate, predict, speculate, conjecture, surmise, reckon, fathom
evaluate, judge, gauge, determine, rate, appraise, weigh up, form an opinion of
informal guesstimate, size up

2‘I guess I owe you an apology’

suppose, think, believe, imagine, expect, assume, presume, judge, consider, feel, suspect, dare say, fancy, divine, deem, conjecture, surmise, conclude, hazard a guess, be of the opinion, be given to understand
North American figure
informal reckon


1‘my guess is that he is a receiver of stolen cars’

hypothesis, theory, prediction, postulation, conjecture
conclusion, belief, opinion, surmise, estimate, reckoning, judgement, supposition, assumption, speculation, notion, suspicion, impression, feeling
informal guesstimate