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firearm, weapon
informal shooter, cannon
North American informal piece, heater, gat, rod, roscoe, shooting iron


1gun down‘they were gunned down in a senseless act of violence’

shoot, shoot down, mow down, hit, wound, injure, cut down, bring down
put a bullet in, pick off, bag, fell, kill
execute, put before a firing squad
informal pot, blast, pump full of lead, plug, zap
literary slay


    go great guns

    ‘her fashion business is going great guns’

    prosper, do well, get on well, go well, fare well
    thrive, flourish, flower, bloom, burgeon, blossom
    boom, expand, spread, pick up, improve, come on
    succeed, be successful, make it, do all right for oneself, get ahead, progress, make progress, make headway, advance, get on in the world, go up in the world, arrive, fly high, make one's mark, make good, become rich, strike gold, strike oil, be in clover
    informal go places, make the big time, be in the pink, be fine and dandy
    archaic make good speed