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1‘she could not explain how the accident happened’

occur, take place, come about, come off, come into being
ensue, result, transpire, materialize, arise, be, crop up, come up, fall out, pan out, turn out, follow, develop, emerge, surface, present itself, supervene
Norteamericano coloquial go down
literario come to pass, betide, chance
marginal eventuate, hap

2‘I wonder what happened to Susie?’

become of, be the fate of, be the lot of, overtake, be visited on
literario befall, betide

3‘they happened to be in London when the news was received’

chance, have the bad fortune, have the good fortune, have the ill fortune, have the bad luck, have the good luck, have the ill luck, be someone's fortune, be someone's misfortune

4‘he happened on a linnet's nest’

discover unexpectedly, find unexpectedly, find by chance, chance on, stumble on, hit on, light on, come on, come across, run across, blunder on, unearth, uncover, locate, bring to light
meet by chance, run into, encounter
coloquial bump into, dig up
arcaico run against