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    take one's hat off to

    ‘he was truly magnificent and I take my hat off to him’

    praise, pay tribute to, sing the praises of, speak highly of, express admiration of, commend, acclaim, applaud, salute, honour, show appreciation of, appreciate, recognize, acknowledge, give recognition to, show gratitude to, be grateful for, pay homage to, extol
    rare laud
    keep something under one's hat

    ‘at the moment it's all a bit hush-hush, so keep it under your hat’

    conceal, hide, cover up, disguise, dissemble, mask, veil
    keep secret, keep quiet about, keep dark, hush up, draw a veil over, sweep under the carpet, gloss over
    suppress, repress, bottle up, bury
    informal keep a lid on, keep the lid on

    show, disclose, confess

    old hat

    ‘something that is exceedingly popular today is usually old hat by tomorrow’

    out of date, outdated, dated, old-fashioned, out, out of fashion, outmoded, unfashionable, last year's, frumpish, frumpy, out of style, outworn, old, old-time, old-world, behind the times, archaic, obsolescent, obsolete, ancient, antiquated, superannuated, defunct
    medieval, prehistoric, antediluvian, old-fogeyish, old-fangled, conservative, backward-looking, quaint, anachronistic, crusted, feudal, fusty, moth-eaten, olde worlde
    passé, démodé, vieux jeu
    informal square, not with it, out of the ark, creaky, clunky, mouldy
    Northern English informal antwacky
    North American informal horse-and-buggy, rinky-dink, mossy
    archaic square-toed

    modern, up to date, fashionable