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1‘she was hurt when her head hit the ground’

skull, cranium, crown
informal nut, noodle, noddle, nob, noggin, dome
British informal bonce, napper
Scottish, Northern English informal poll
informal, dated bean, conk
archaic pate, Costard, crumpet

2‘this new job meant he had to use his head’

brain, brains, brainpower, intellect, intelligence, intellectual capacity, mental capacity, powers of reasoning
wit, wits, wisdom, mind, sense, reasoning, rationality, mentality, understanding, common sense
informal nous, grey matter, savvy, brainbox, brain cells
British informal loaf, upper storey
North American informal smarts
South African informal kop

3‘she had a good head for business’

aptitude, faculty, flair, talent, gift, capacity, ability, knack, bent
mind, brain

4‘the head of the Dutch Catholic Church’

leader, chief, boss, controller, master, supervisor, governor, superintendent, foreman, forewoman, headman
commander, commanding officer, captain
director, managing director, chief executive, manager
principal, head teacher, headmaster, headmistress
president, premier, prime minister, ruler
chair, chairman, chairwoman, chairperson
North American chief executive officer, CEO
informal boss man, kingpin, top dog, big cheese, bigwig, Mr Big, skipper
British informal gaffer, guv'nor
North American informal numero uno, head honcho, padrone, sachem, big white chief, big kahuna, big wheel, high muckamuck


5‘at the head of the queue’

front, beginning, start, fore, forefront, top, leading position, foremost position

back, bottom

6‘the head of the River Thames’

source, origin, well head, headspring, headwater, headwaters
South African eye
literary wellspring, fount, fountain


7‘beer with a creamy head’

froth, foam, bubbles, spume, mousse, fizz, effervescence, lather, suds


1‘the head waiter’

chief, principal, leading, main, first, front, prime, premier, foremost, top, topmost, highest, supreme, pre-eminent, high-ranking, top-ranking, most important
North American ranking
informal top-notch



1‘the St George's Day procession was headed by the mayor’

be at the front of, lead, be the leader of, be at the head of
be first, go first, lead the way

be at the back of, bring up the rear of

2‘an organizational unit headed by a line manager’

be in charge of, be at the head of, be in command of, command, be in control of, control, lead, be the leader of, run, manage, direct, administer, supervise, superintend, oversee, preside over, rule, govern, captain, be the boss of, be at the helm of

3‘he was heading for the exit’

move towards, go towards, make for, aim for, make one's way towards, go in the direction of, direct one's steps towards, be bound for, steer for, make a beeline for
set out in the direction of, set out for, start out for

move away from


    lose one's head

    ‘I lost my head and started a big fuss’

    lose control of oneself, lose one's composure, lose one's self-control, lose one's equilibrium, lose control of the situation, go to pieces, fall to pieces
    panic, go mad, get flustered, get confused, get angry, get excited, get hysterical
    informal lose one's cool, freak out, crack up
    British informal go into a spin, go into a flat spin, throw a wobbly

    keep control of oneself

    head something up

    ‘he will head up the new communications division’

    be in charge of, be at the head of, head, be in command of, command, be in control of, control, lead, be the leader of, run, manage, direct, administer, supervise, superintend, oversee, preside over, rule, govern, captain, be the boss of, be at the helm of
    come to a head

    ‘the violence came to a head with the deaths of six youths’

    reach a crisis, come to a climax, reach a critical point, reach a turning point, reach a crossroads
    informal come to the crunch
    head someone or something off

    1‘he ran up the road to head off approaching cars’

    intercept, divert, deflect, redirect, reroute, turn aside, draw away, turn away, cut off

    2‘they headed off a row by ordering further study of both plans’

    forestall, avert, ward off, fend off, stave off, hold off, nip in the bud, keep at bay
    prevent, avoid, stop, check, thwart


    be head and shoulders above

    ‘he was always head and shoulders above the rest but he was very modest’

    outclass, surpass, be superior to, be better than, outshine, overshadow, eclipse, dwarf, put in the shade, upstage, transcend
    top, cap, trump, trounce, beat, defeat, better, put to shame, exceed, leave behind, outrank
    informal be a cut above, run rings round, leave standing, walk away from
    archaic outrival, outvie
    at the head of

    ‘his years at the head of the company’

    in charge of, in control of, in command of, at the top of, at the helm of, at the controls of, as leader of, in the driving seat of, at the wheel of, responsible for, accountable for, liable for
    managing, running, administering, directing, supervising, overseeing, controlling, commanding, leading, heading up, looking after, taking care of
    keep one's head

    ‘he takes chances but keeps his head’

    keep calm, stay calm, keep cool, stay cool, remain unruffled, keep control of oneself, keep one's self-control, maintain one's equilibrium, maintain one's composure
    informal keep one's cool, keep one's shirt on

    lose control of oneself

    go to someone's head

    1‘the wine has gone to my head’

    intoxicate, inebriate, befuddle, make someone intoxicated, make someone drunk, make someone dizzy, make someone's head spin
    informal make someone woozy

    2‘her victory went to her head’

    make someone conceited, make someone arrogant, turn someone's head, make someone full of themselves, puff someone up