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hell for leather

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1‘the cars went hurtling down the lane, hell for leather’

as fast as possible, as quickly as possible, very fast, very quickly, very rapidly, very speedily, very swiftly, hurriedly, at full speed, at the double, at full tilt, at full pelt, headlong, hotfoot, post-haste, pell-mell, helter-skelter, at the speed of light, at breakneck speed, like an arrow from a bow
coloquial like a bat out of hell, at a lick, like the wind, like greased lightning, at warp speed, like a bomb, like mad, like crazy, like blazes
Britanico coloquial like the clappers, at a rate of knots, like billy-o
Norteamericano coloquial lickety-split
literario apace, hurry-scurry

at moderate speed