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1‘the children ran helter-skelter down the valley’

headlong, pell-mell, hotfoot, post-haste, hastily, in a hurry, hurriedly, as fast as possible, as quickly as possible, at full speed, at full pelt, at full tilt, hell for leather, recklessly, precipitately, impetuously, impulsively, carelessly, heedlessly, wildly
informal like a bat out of hell, at a lick, like the wind, like greased lightning, like a bomb, like mad, like crazy, like blazes
British informal like the clappers, at a rate of knots, like billy-o
North American informal lickety-split
literary apace, hurry-scurry

at moderate speed


1‘the village was a helter-skelter collection of dwellings’

disordered, disorderly, chaotic, muddled, jumbled, untidy, haphazard, disorganized, unorganized, disarranged, topsy-turvy
in a mess, in a muddle, in a shambles, at sixes and sevens, out of order
informal higgledy-piggledy, all over the place
British informal shambolic, all over the shop
North American informal all over the map, all over the lot
rare orderless