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1‘there was a hole in the roof where the tiles had fallen away’

opening, aperture, gap, space, orifice, slot, vent, outlet, chink, breach
break, crack, leak, rift, rupture
puncture, perforation, cut, incision, split, gash, rent, slit, cleft, crevice, fissure
peephole, keyhole
British spyhole
Medicine foramen
archaic loophole

2‘they were digging a hole in the ground’

pit, ditch, trench, cavity, crater, depression, hollow
well, borehole, excavation, shaft, mineshaft, dugout
cave, cavern, pothole, chamber, gorge, chasm, canyon, ravine

3‘they dug the badger out of his hole’

burrow, lair, den, covert, earth, sett, drey, retreat, shelter, cave

4‘the captives were thrown into a black hole’

dungeon, cell, underground cell, oubliette, prison

5‘a recent article highlighted some holes in their argument’

flaw, fault, defect, weakness, weak point, shortcoming, inconsistency, discrepancy, loophole, error, mistake, fallacy

6‘I was living in a real hole’

hovel, slum, shack, mess
informal dump, dive, pigsty, joint
British informal tip


7‘they have been known to embezzle their clients' money when they are in a hole’

predicament, diffict situation, awkward situation, mess, corner, tight corner, quandary, dilemma, muddle, emergency, crisis, imbroglio
difficulty, trouble, plight, dire straits
informal fix, jam, bind, spot, tight spot, scrape, pickle, sticky situation, hot water, deep water
British informal spot of bother


1‘a fuel tank was holed by the attack and a fire started’

puncture, make a hole in, perforate, pierce, penetrate, rupture, spike, stab, split, slit, rent, lacerate, gash, gore


    hole up

    1‘it was getting time for the bears to hole up’

    hibernate, lie dormant, winter, overwinter, lie torpid, go to sleep

    2‘the snipers holed up in a nearby farmhouse’

    hide, hide out, hide oneself, conceal oneself, secrete oneself, shelter, take cover, lie low, go to ground, go to earth, go underground
    British informal lie doggo

    come out into the open

    pick holes in

    ‘it's really not too difficult to pick holes in the plan’

    find fault with, criticize, attack, condemn
    disparage, denigrate, deride, belittle, run down, complain about, quibble about, carp about, cavil at, scoff at, moan about, grouse about, grouch about, grumble about, whine about
    Northern English twine about
    informal knock, bad-mouth, do down, gripe about, beef about, bellyache about, bitch about, nitpick over, sound off about, pull to pieces
    British informal whinge about, slag off, have a go at, rubbish


    ‘the judge picked holes in the prosecution's case’

    find fault with, quarrel with, fault, criticize, argue against, argue with, take exception to, attack, take issue with, find lacking, impugn, contradict, dispute, rebut, complain about, cavil at, carp at, object to, be hostile to
    informal knock
    formal gainsay
    rare controvert