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1‘he'd come by the money honestly’

fairly, lawfully, legally, legitimately, honourably, decently, ethically, morally, by fair means, by just means, without corruption, in good faith, by the book, in accordance with the rules
informal on the level


2‘we honestly believe this is the best investment you will ever make’

frankly, candidly, sincerely, genuinely, truthfully, truly, wholeheartedly, freely, openly, plainly, straight out, straight from the shoulder
informal straight up

3‘quite honestly, I'm not very interested in men’

truthfully, really, truly, actually, to be honest, to tell you the truth, to be frank, speaking truthfully, speaking frankly, in all honesty, in all sincerity, in plain language, in plain English
without pretence, without dissembling
informal Scout's honour
dated honest Injun