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1‘she loved to horrify us with tales of ghastly happenings’

frighten, scare, terrify, petrify, alarm, panic, terrorize, scare stiff, frighten to death, scare to death, fill with fear, scare someone out of their wits, frighten the living daylights out of, scare the living daylights out of, throw into a panic, make someone's hair stand on end, make someone's blood run cold
informal scare the pants off, make someone's hair curl
British informal throw into a blue funk, put the wind up
Irish informal scare the bejesus out of
North American informal spook
vulgar slang scare shitless, scare the shit out of
archaic affright

2‘Lucien was horrified by her remarks, but said nothing’

shock, appal, outrage, scandalize, offend, dismay, throw off balance
disgust, revolt, repel, nauseate, sicken
informal rattle, faze, knock sideways, knock for six
archaic pother