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1‘in the autumn they hunted deer’

chase, give chase to, pursue, stalk, course, hunt down, run down
track, trail, follow, shadow, hound, dog
informal tail

2‘police are hunting for her attacker’

search, look, look high and low, scour around
seek, try to find
cast about, cast round, cast around, rummage, rummage about, rummage, rummage round, rummage, rummage around, root about, root around, fish about, fish around, forage about, forage around, ferret, ferret about, ferret, ferret around
British informal rootle about, rootle around


1‘they enjoyed the thrill of the hunt’

chase, pursuit, stalking, course, coursing
tracking, trailing, shadowing
informal tailing

2‘police have stepped up the hunt for the killer’

search, look, quest
seeking, rummaging, foraging, ferreting, ferreting about, ferreting, ferreting around