Synonyms of hurry in English:


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1‘you'd better hurry or you'll be late’

be quick, hurry up, move quickly, go fast, hasten, make haste, speed, speed up, lose no time, press on, push on, run, dash, rush, hurtle, dart, race, fly, flash, shoot, streak, bolt, bound, blast, charge, chase, career, scurry, scramble, scamper, scuttle, sprint, gallop, go hell for leather, go like lightning
British scutter
informal whizz, whoosh, vroom, tear, scoot, hare, pelt, zip, whip, zoom, belt, beetle, buzz, get a move on, step on it, get cracking, get moving, shake a leg, go like a bat out of hell, hotfoot it, burn rubber
British informal bomb, bucket, shift, put one's foot down, get one's skates on, go like the clappers, stir one's stumps, leg it
Scottish informal wheech
North American informal hightail, barrel, boogie, clip, lay rubber, get the lead out, get a wiggle on
South African informal put foot
North American vulgar slang drag ass, haul ass, tear ass
informal, dated cut along
archaic post, hie, fleet

move slowly, dawdle

2‘she hurried him across the landing’

hustle, hasten, push, push on, urge, urge on, drive on, spur on, goad, prod
informal gee up

slow down, delay


1‘in all the hurry, we forgot the picnic’

haste, flurry, bustle, confusion, commotion, hubbub, hustle, urgency, agitation, turmoil
rush, race, scramble, scurry
speed, swiftness, rapidity, quickness
literary fleetness, celerity
archaic hurry-scurry, pother