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1‘the identification of the suspect by the victim carries great weight’

recognition, singling out, picking out, spotting, pointing out, pinpointing, naming, placing
discerning, distinguishing, discovery, finding, location
North American informal fingering

2‘early identification of problems was important’

determining, establishment, ascertainment, finding out, discovery, fixing, settling, diagnosis, divination, discerning, distinguishing
verification, confirmation

3‘may I see your identification?’

ID, papers, identity papers, identification papers, bona fides, documents, credentials
ID card, identity card, pass, badge, warrant, licence, permit, passport, proof of identity
proof of qualifications, certificate, diploma, references, testimonial, letter of introduction, letter of recommendation

4‘the identification of Nonconformity with Victorian values’

association, link, linkage, connection, tie, bracketing, relatedness, interrelation, interconnection, interdependence

5‘his identification with the music is evident from the opening bars’

empathy, rapport, fellow feeling, togetherness, unity, bond of sympathy, sympathetic cord, sympathy, understanding
informal good vibes