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1‘she identified her attacker in a police line-up’

recognize, single out, pick out, spot, point out, pinpoint, pin down, put one's finger on, put a name to, name, place, know, know again, know by sight, discern, distinguish, discover, find, locate
remember, recall, recollect, call to mind
informal put the finger on
North American informal finger

2‘I was able to identify four problem areas’

determine, establish, ascertain, find out, discover, learn, fix, settle, decide, make out, ferret out, diagnose, deduce, divine, intuit, discern, distinguish
verify, confirm, make certain of, certify
informal figure out, get a fix on

3‘tobacco sponsorship is aimed at a market that identifies sport with glamour’

associate, link, connect, couple, relate, bracket, think of together
think of in connection with, draw a parallel with, mention in the same breath as, set side by side with


4‘children usually identify with the hero’

empathize, be in tune, have a rapport, feel togetherness, feel at one, commune, sympathize, be in sympathy
be on the same wavelength as, speak the same language as, talk the same language as
understand, relate to, feel for, have insight into
informal put oneself in the shoes of

5‘it is tempting to identify him with an Athenian painter of the same name’

equate with, identify someone as, consider someone to be, consider something to be, regard as being the same as, regard as being identical to