Synonyms of indent in English:


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1‘the first line of a paragraph is indented by using the tab key’

move to the right, move further from the margin, start in from the margin

2‘the many lochs that indent the isle of Mull’

notch, nick, make an indentation in, make nicks in, make notches in, scallop, serrate, pink, cut, scratch, gash, slit, snick, gouge, groove, furrow, dent
mark, score, incise, carve, engrave, deboss

3‘you'll have to indent for a new uniform’

order, put in an order for, requisition, apply for, put in for, request, put in a request for, ask for, claim, put in a claim for, call for, demand


1‘he cancelled the indent for silk scarves’

order, requisition, purchase order, request, call, application
claim, demand, summons