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1usually inhibitions‘not everyone managed to overcome their inhibitions’

shyness, reticence, self-consciousness, reserve, diffidence, bashfulness, coyness, embarrassment, unease, wariness, reluctance, discomfort, hesitance, hesitancy, apprehension, nerves, nervousness, insecurity
lack of confidence, unassertiveness, timidity, timorousness
repression, restraint, constraint, reservation, mental block, psychological block
informal hang-up

2‘the inhibition of news publishing by libel laws’

hindrance, hampering, holding back, discouragement, obstruction, impediment, retardation
curbing, checking, suppression, repression, restriction, restraint, constraint, bridling, shackling, fettering, cramping, balking, frustration, arrest, stifling, smothering, prevention, blocking, thwarting, foiling, quashing, stopping, halting, putting an end to, putting an stop to, nipping in the bud
curb, check, bar, barrier, straitjacket

encouragement, promotion