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1‘he insinuated that she lied’

imply, suggest, hint, intimate, whisper, indicate, convey the impression, give a clue, give an inkling, allude to the fact, make reference to the fact, let it be known, give someone to understand, give someone to believe
informal make out, tip someone the wink

2‘he insinuated his right hand under her arm’

slide, slip, manoeuvre, insert, edge, work, move into position


    insinuate oneself into

    ‘he was insinuating himself into their family’

    worm one's way into, work one's way into, ingratiate oneself with, curry favour with
    foist oneself on, introduce oneself into, squeeze oneself into, edge one's way into
    infiltrate, invade, sneak into, intrude on, impinge on
    informal get in with, muscle in on