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1‘there was not a single instance of religious persecution’

example, occasion, occurrence, case, representative case, typical case, case in point, illustration, specimen, sample, exemplar, exemplification

2‘criminal investigations are conducted by the police in the first instance’

stage, step
initially, at first, at the start, at the outset, at the beginning, in the beginning, to begin with, to start with, originally, in the early stages

3‘proceedings were launched at the instance of the Director of Public Prosecutions’

instigation, prompting, suggestion
request, entreaty, solicitation
wish, desire
urging, importuning, pressure
demand, insistence


1‘as an example of this type of play, I would instance ‘Measure for Measure’’

cite, quote, refer to, make reference to, mention, allude to, adduce, give, give as an example, point to, point out
specify, name, identify
bring up, invoke, draw attention to, call attention to, put forward, present, offer, advance, propose