Synonyms of interfere in English:


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1‘we can't let personal feelings interfere with our duty’

impede, obstruct, get in the way of, stand in the way of, hinder, be a hindrance to, inhibit, restrict, restrain, constrain, hamper, handicap, cramp, check, block, frustrate, thwart, balk, hold back, hold up
disturb, disrupt, influence, affect, confuse
British informal throw a spanner in the works of
North American informal throw a monkey wrench in the works of
rare trammel, cumber

2‘she tried not to interfere in her children's lives’

butt into, barge into, pry into, nose into, be nosy about, intrude into, intervene in, get involved in, intercede in, encroach on, impinge on, impose oneself on
meddle in, tamper with
tread on someone's toes, step on someone's toes
informal poke one's nose into, mess with, horn in on, muscle in on, stick one's oar in, gatecrash
North American informal kibitz on
archaic entrench on

3‘he was accused of interfering with local children’

sexually abuse, abuse, sexually assault, indecently assault, assault, molest, grope
harm, damage
informal feel up, touch up, paw, maul