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1‘she opened her mouth to interrupt’

cut in, cut in on, break in, break in on, barge in, barge in on, intrude, intrude on, interfere, interfere with, intervene, intervene in, chip in
heckle, put one's oar in, have one's say
British put one's pennyworth in
North American put one's two cents in
informal butt in, butt in on, chime in, chime in on, horn in, horn in on, muscle in, muscle in on

2‘the band had to interrupt their US tour’

suspend, adjourn, discontinue, break off, hold up, delay, lay aside, leave off, postpone, put off, put back, defer, shelve
stop, put a stop to, halt, bring to a halt, bring to a standstill, cease, end, bring to an end, bring to a close, cancel, sever, dissolve, terminate
informal take a breather from, put on ice, put on a back burner, put in cold storage

3‘the coastal plain is interrupted by large lagoons’

break up, break, punctuate, intersperse
pepper, strew, dot, scatter

4‘their view is to be interrupted by a new housing estate’

obstruct, impede, block, interfere with, cut off, get in the way of, limit, restrict