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1‘the committee has yet to meet to discuss the issue’

matter, matter in question, affair, business, subject, topic, question, point, point at issue, item, thing, case, concern, theme
proceeding, situation, occasion, circumstance
problem, bone of contention, controversy, argument

2‘there's something of an issue with resupply at the moment’

problem, difficulty, complication, difficult situation, snag, predicament, plight, hitch, catch, drawback, pitfall, handicap, impediment, hindrance, obstacle, hurdle, stumbling block, obstruction, barrier
trouble, worry, mess, muddle, mix-up
catch-22, vexed question, quandary, the rub
coloquial fly in the ointment, prob, headache, hiccup, dilemma, hassle, pickle, fix, tight spot, how-do-you-do, job, gremlin, facer
Britanico coloquial spanner in the works
Norteamericano coloquial monkey wrench in the works
anticuado cumber
literario trammel

3‘the victory was celebrated with the issue of a special stamp’

issuing, issuance, publication, publishing
circulation, distribution, supplying, supply, sending out, delivery

4‘the latest issue of our magazine’

edition, number, instalment, copy
printing, imprint, impression, version, publication

5‘she died without issue in 1635’

offspring, descendants, heirs, successors, children, sons or daughters, progeny, scions, family, youngsters, babies
coloquial kids
despectivo spawn
arcaico seed, fruit, fruit of one's loins

6‘an issue of blood’

discharge, emission, release, outflow, outflowing, outpouring, outrush, rush, flood, deluge, spurt, jet, cascade, stream, torrent, gush
flow, flux, outflux, welling
leakage, escape, drain, drainage
excretion, secretion, ejection, disgorgement, debouchment, emanation, exudation, exuding, venting, effluence, effluent, effusion
técnico efflux

7‘his perseverance certainly merited a favourable issue’

result, outcome, consequence, end result, net result, upshot, effect, after-effect, aftermath, conclusion, end, denouement
coloquial pay-off


1‘writs were issued against the contractors’

send out, put out
release, deliver
publish, announce, proclaim, broadcast, promulgate, communicate, impart, purvey, circulate, distribute, spread, disseminate
literario bruit about, bruit abroad, utter


2‘the captain issued the crew with side arms’

supply, provide, furnish, arm, equip, fit out, rig out, accoutre, outfit, fit up
provision, stock, purvey, accommodate
present, invest, endow, favour
Britanico kit out
coloquial fix up


3‘savoury smells began to issue from the kitchen’

emanate, emerge, proceed, exude, discharge, flow, flow forth, flow out, pour, pour forth, pour out, gush, gush forth, gush out, come, come forth, come out, seep, seep forth, seep out, ooze, ooze forth, ooze out, spread out
be uttered, be emitted, be transmitted

4‘surprising profits might issue from the unwinding of a few giant companies’

result, follow, ensue, develop, stem, spring, arise, start, derive, evolve, proceed, emerge, emanate, flow
be got, be had, be taken
be caused by, be the result of, be brought about by, be brought on by, be produced by, originate in, have its origin in, attend, accompany, be consequent on
supervene on

bring about


    at issue

    ‘at issue here is the definition of a work of art’

    in question, in dispute
    being discussed, under discussion, under consideration
    on the agenda, for debate, to be discussed, to be decided, unsettled
    take issue

    ‘I take issue with your assertion’

    disagree, fail to agree, be in dispute, be in contention, be at variance, be at odds, be at loggerheads, not see eye to eye, argue, quarrel
    challenge, dispute, question, call into question, oppose, object to, take exception to, protest against, contradict, gainsay, differ from, dissent from, diverge from
    arcaico disaccord