Synonyms of jaded in English:


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1‘there are soups exotic enough for the most jaded palate’

satiated, sated, surfeited, glutted, cloyed, gorged
dulled, blunted, deadened, benumbed

2‘she has an eye for the detail that a more jaded journalist might overlook’

tired, weary, tired out, wearied, worn out, exhausted, fatigued, overtired, sleepy, drowsy, sapped, dog-tired, spent, drained, jet-lagged, debilitated, prostrate, enervated, low
informal all in, done, done in, done up, dead, dead beat, dead tired, dead on one's feet, asleep on one's feet, ready to drop, played out, fagged out, bushed, pooped, worn to a frazzle, shattered, burnt out
British informal knackered, whacked
North American informal tuckered out, whipped, gassed