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1‘a crown encrusted with priceless jewels’

gem, gemstone, precious stone, semi-precious stone, stone, brilliant
baguette, cabochon
coloquial sparkler, rock
arcaico bijou

2‘the crown jewels’

piece of jewellery, ornament

3‘the jewel of his collection’

finest example, finest specimen, choicest example, choicest specimen, best example, best specimen, showpiece, pearl, flower, pride, pride and joy, cream, crème de la crème, jewel in the crown, nonpareil, glory, wonder, prize, boast, pick
masterpiece, chef d'oeuvre, pièce de résistance
outstanding example, shining example
ne plus ultra
coloquial the pick of the bunch

4‘the girl is a jewel’

treasure, saint, angel, paragon, marvel, find, godsend, someone worth their weight in gold, something worth their weight in gold
darling, dear
coloquial one in a million, one of a kind, a star, the bee's knees, the tops
arcaico nonesuch