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1‘an attic full of all kinds of junk’

useless things, discarded things, clutter, stuff, odds and ends, bits and pieces, bric-a-brac, oddments, flotsam and jetsam, white elephants
garbage, refuse, litter, scrap, waste, debris, detritus, dross
leavings, leftovers, remnants, cast-offs, rejects
British rubbish, lumber
North American trash
Australian, New Zealand mullock
informal dreck
British informal gubbins, odds and sods
vulgar slang crap, shit
archaic rummage


1‘sort out what can be sold off and junk the rest’

throw away, throw out, discard, get rid of, dispose of, scrap, toss out, jettison, dispense with
chuck, chuck away, chuck out, dump, ditch, bin, get shut of
British bung away, bung out, get shot of