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1‘they punched and kicked me repeatedly’

boot, punt, strike with the foot
propel, drive, knock, send
Scottish blooter
British informal put the boot into, welly

2‘he was struggling to kick his drug habit’

give up, break, get out of, abandon, end, escape from
stop, cease, leave off, desist from, renounce, forgo, do without, eschew
informal shake, pack in, lay off, quit

take up, start

3‘the gun kicked so hard that he flinched’

recoil, spring back, fly back


1‘he gave the ball a kick’

boot, punt

2‘I get a kick out of driving a racing car’

thrill, excitement, stimulation, tingle
fun, enjoyment, amusement, pleasure, gratification
informal buzz, high
North American informal charge

3‘caffeine-free cola for those who want the taste without the kick’

potency, stimulant effect, alcoholic effect, strength, power, punch
tang, zest, bite, piquancy, edge, pungency, spice, savour
informal zip, zing, zap, pep, oomph

4‘their parents had gone on a health kick and refused to buy junk food’

craze, enthusiasm, obsession, mania, passion, preoccupation, fixation
fashion, vogue, trend
informal fad, jag


    kick against

    ‘young people are expected to kick against the establishment’

    resist, rebel against, oppose, fight against, struggle against, refuse to accept
    protest against, complain about, rage against, grumble about, object to
    defy, disobey, reject, spurn
    Northern English twine about
    informal gripe about, grouse about, beef about, bitch about


    kick something about

    ‘they began to kick about the idea of sending a man into space’

    discuss, talk over, debate, thrash out, consider, moot, toy with, play with, argue the pros and cons of
    kick someone out

    ‘he was kicked out of his regiment for insubordination’

    expel, send away, eject, turn out, throw out, force out, oust, evict, put out, get rid of
    dismiss, discharge
    informal chuck out, send packing, boot out, show the door to, give someone their marching orders, throw someone out on their ear, sack, fire, give someone the boot, axe
    British informal give someone the push, give someone the elbow, give someone the big E, bin off, turf out, defenestrate
    North American informal give someone the air, give someone the bum's rush
    kick someone around

    ‘we feel we are undervalued and get kicked around’

    abuse, mistreat, maltreat, treat disrespectfully, treat inconsiderately, push about, push around, boss about, boss around, trample on, take for granted
    mess about, mess around, walk all over
    kick back

    ‘take a moment to kick back and enjoy an ice cream’

    relax, unwind, take it easy, rest, take one's ease, slow down, let up, ease off, ease up, be at leisure, sit back, laze, enjoy oneself
    chill out, hang loose
    kick off

    ‘the festival kicks off on Monday’

    start, begin, get going, get off the ground, get under way
    open, start off, set going, set in motion, launch, put in place, initiate, introduce, inaugurate, usher in, start the ball rolling
    informal get the show on the road
    formal commence