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1‘the children were adopted by a kindly old lady’

benevolent, kind, kind-hearted, warm-hearted, generous, good-natured, humane
gentle, warm, mild, compassionate, caring, tender-hearted, soft-hearted, tender, loving, loving and giving, motherly, fatherly, benign, mellow, well meaning, genial
indulgent, understanding, sympathetic, lenient, tolerant, charitable, magnanimous, easy-going, patient
helpful, thoughtful, considerate, good, good-hearted, nice, friendly, neighbourly, pleasant, amiable, agreeable, affable, amicable
British informal decent
rare benignant

unkind, cruel


1‘‘Welcome,’ she said kindly’

benevolently, good-naturedly, warmly, affectionately, tenderly, lovingly, compassionately
considerately, thoughtfully, helpfully, obligingly, generously, selflessly, unselfishly, graciously, indulgently, sympathetically, leniently, charitably

unkindly, harshly

2‘kindly explain what you mean by that’

please, if you please, if you would be so good, if you wouldn't mind, have the goodness to, pray
s'il vous plaît
archaic prithee


    not take kindly to

    ‘she does not take kindly to criticism’

    resent, dislike, object to, take umbrage at, take exception to, be offended by, take offence at, be annoyed by, be irritated by, be displeased by, be affronted by, feel aggrieved about, take something amiss, be upset by, be put out by
    informal be miffed at