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1‘Edward made a bid to be crowned king of France’

ruler, sovereign, monarch, supreme ruler, crowned head, majesty, Crown, head of state, royal personage, emperor, prince, potentate, overlord, liege lord, lord, leader, chief

2‘he has become king of world football’

star, leading light, luminary, superstar, mogul, giant, master, kingpin, celebrity, lion
informal supremo, megastar, top dog, VIP, celeb, big name, bigwig, big cheese
North American informal big wheel


    a king's ransom

    ‘the perfume cost a king's ransom’

    a fortune, a small fortune, a huge amount, a vast sum, millions, billions
    informal a mint, a bundle, a packet, a pretty penny, a tidy sum
    British informal a bomb, loadsamoney, shedloads
    North American informal big bucks, big money, gazillions
    Australian informal big bickies