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1‘his fishing kit’

equipment, tools, implements, instruments, gadgets, utensils, appliances, tools of the trade, materials, aids, gear, tackle, hardware, paraphernalia, appurtenances
outfit, rig, set of tools, apparatus, set
informal things, stuff, the necessary
Military accoutrements

2‘boys in football kit’

clothes, clothing, rig, outfit, dress, costume, garments, attire, garb
uniform, colours, regimentals, livery, trappings
British strip
informal togs, garms, things, gear, get-up, stuff, duds
British informal rig-out
formal apparel
literary raiment, array, habiliments

3‘the children were building a model chalet from a kit’

set of parts, set of components, set, outfit, DIY kit, do-it-yourself kit, self-assembly set, flat-pack

4‘we packed up all our kit and set off’

belongings, luggage, baggage, paraphernalia, effects, supplies, provisions, trappings, appurtenances, impedimenta
informal things, stuff, clobber, gear