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1‘the drakes have a black bill with a knob at the base’

lump, bump, protuberance, projection, protrusion, bulge, swelling, knot, node, nodule, gnarl, growth, outgrowth, excrescence, carbuncle, tumour
boss, stud, ball, knop, nub
technical umbo
rare tumescence

2‘he fiddled with the knobs on the radio’

dial, button, switch, off switch, on switch, key

3‘she turned the knob and pushed open the door’

doorknob, handle, door handle, grip, pull

4‘spread a few knobs of butter over the surface’

nugget, nub, nubble, lump, pat, cake, ball, cube, chunk, dollop, piece, bit, portion, wedge, hunk, bar, slab
British gobbet
British informal wodge, gob