Synonyms of knock about in English:

knock about

(also knock around)

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1‘for a couple of years we knocked about the Mediterranean’

wander, roam, rove, range, travel, travel idly, journey, voyage, globetrot, drift, coast, meander, gad about, gallivant, jaunt, take a trip, go on a trip
ramble, stroll, saunter, maunder, amble, traipse, dawdle, potter
traverse, travel round, roam around, range over
rare peregrinate, perambulate, vagabond

2‘she knocked around with artists’

associate, consort, keep company, go around, mix, socialize, have dealings, have to do with, accompany, escort
be friends, be friendly
informal hobnob, hang out, run around, be thick with, chum around, pal around, pal up