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1‘she doesn't know I'm here’

be aware, realize, be conscious, have knowledge, be informed, have information
notice, perceive, see, sense, recognize, understand, appreciate
informal savvy, latch on to something

2‘I would write to him if I knew his address’

have knowledge of, be aware of, be cognizant of, be informed of, be apprised of

3‘he asked whether I knew French’

be familiar with, be conversant with, be acquainted with, have knowledge of, be versed in, be knowledgeable about, have mastered, have a grasp of, grasp, understand, comprehend, apprehend
have learned, have memorized, have learned by heart
informal be clued up on, have something taped

4‘I don't know many people here’

be acquainted with, have met, be familiar with
be friends with, be friendly with, be on good terms with, be close to, be intimate with, socialize with, associate with, have dealings with
understand, have insight into, be in sympathy with, empathize with
Scottish ken
informal be thick with

5‘a man who had known better times’

experience, have experience of, go through, undergo, live through, meet, meet with, encounter, taste

6‘my brothers don't know a saucepan from a frying pan’

distinguish, tell apart, differentiate, tell, tell which is which, discriminate
recognize, pick out, identify, make out, discern, see