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1‘the grammatical structure of language’

speech, writing, communication, verbal expression, verbalization, vocalization, conversation, speaking, talking, words, utterance, vocabulary, articulation, enunciation, pronunciation, talk, discourse, interchange, intercourse, interaction
archaic converse

2‘the English language’

tongue, speech, mother tongue, native tongue, dialect, vernacular
Indian bhasha
informal lingo

3‘the language of tabloid journalism’

wording, diction, phrasing, phraseology, style, vocabulary, terminology, expressions, turns of phrase, parlance, manner of speaking, manner of writing, way of talking, form of expression, mode of expression, usages, locutions, idiolect, choice of words, rhetoric, oratory
speech, dialect, vernacular, regionalisms, provincialisms, localisms, patois, lingua franca, slang, idioms, colloquialisms, jargon, argot, barbarisms, vulgarisms, cant, newspeak
pidgin English, Creole
informal lingo, legalese, journalese, technospeak, geekspeak, gobbledygook