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1‘I only went along for a lark’

fun, amusement, amusing time, laugh, giggle, joke
escapade, prank, trick, game, jape, skylark, practical joke, stunt
informal leg-pull, put-on, gag, crack
antics, high jinks, horseplay, fooling about, fooling around, mischief, devilry, roguery, clowning, tomfoolery
informal shenanigans
British informal monkey tricks, monkey business
North American informal didoes
dated sport

2‘I've got this snowboarding lark sussed’

activity, undertaking, thing to do
hobby, pastime, task
informal business, caper


1‘he's always joking and larking about’

fool about, fool around, play tricks, indulge in horseplay, make mischief, monkey about, monkey around, clown about, clown around, have fun, cavort, caper, romp, frolic, skylark
informal mess about, mess around, play up, act the goat, act the giddy goat
British informal muck about, muck around, fanny about, fanny around, footle about, footle around
British vulgar slang bugger about, bugger around, piss about, piss around, arse about, arse around
archaic, humorous disport oneself