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1‘he ordered his crewmen to launch a boat’

set afloat, float
put to sea, put into the water, send down the slipway

2‘they've launched the shuttle’

send into orbit, put into orbit
blast off, take off, lift off

3‘a chair was launched at him’

throw, hurl, fling, pitch, lob, toss, cast, let fly, propel, project
fire, shoot
informal chuck, heave, sling

4‘Amnesty International has launched an emergency appeal’

set in motion, get going, get under way, start, begin, embark on, usher in, initiate, put in place, instigate, institute, inaugurate, set up, bring out, organize, introduce, open
establish, found, originate, create, pioneer, lay the foundations of, lay the first stone of, bring into being, activate, mastermind, float, debut, roll out
start the ball rolling
informal kick off
formal commence

5‘he launched into a tirade against the government’

start, burst into, break into, begin, embark on, get going on
formal commence