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1‘he tried to form a league of chieftains’

alliance, confederation, confederacy, federation, union, association, coalition, combine, consortium, affiliation, guild, corporation, conglomerate, cooperative, partnership, fellowship, syndicate, compact, band, group, circle, ring
bloc, faction, axis, congress, entente
brotherhood, society, fraternity, coterie, lodge
marginal consociation, sodality

2‘we won the league last year’

championship, competition, contest
group, band, association

3‘the store is not in the same league as the major supermarkets’

class, group, category, ability group, level of ability, level


1‘Oscar had leagued together with other construction companies’

ally, join forces, join together, unite, form an association, band together, affiliate, combine, amalgamate, form a federation, confederate, collaborate, team up, join up


    in league with

    ‘they confessed to being in league with foreign powers’

    collaborating with, cooperating with, in cooperation with, in alliance with, allied with, conspiring with, leagued with, linked with, hand in glove with, in collusion with
    coloquial in cahoots with