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1‘a scheme to encourage people to learn a foreign language’

acquire a knowledge of, gain an understanding of, acquire skill in, become competent in, become proficient in, grasp, master, take in, absorb, assimilate, pick up, digest, familiarize oneself with
become expert in, know inside out, know backwards, comprehend
study, read up on, work at, apply oneself to, be taught, have lessons in, pursue
informal get the hang of, get clued up about, get the point of

2‘if I want to learn a poem I stick it on the fridge’

memorize, learn by heart, learn by rote, commit to memory, become word-perfect in, learn word for word, learn parrot-fashion, get down pat, get off pat, have down pat, have off pat, know, retain
informal get off by heart
archaic con


3‘he learned that the school would shortly be closing’

discover, find out, become aware, be made aware, be informed, have it brought to one's attention, hear, be given to understand, get to know, come to know, hear tell
gather, understand, ascertain, establish, realize, determine
informal get wind of the fact, get wise to the fact
British informal suss out
North American informal dope out