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1‘leaven is added to the dough and the dough is left to rise’

leavening, ferment, fermentation agent, raising agent, yeast, barm, baking powder


1‘the biscuits are light because they use both yeast and baking powder to leaven the flour’

raise, make rise, ferment, work, lighten, puff up, expand, swell, inflate

2‘his humour was sharp, but often leavened with a touch of self-mockery’

permeate, infuse, pervade, penetrate, imbue, suffuse, transform, modify
enliven, lighten, quicken, inspire, stimulate, liven up, invigorate, vivify, ginger up, energize, electrify, galvanize, perk up, brighten up, cheer up, season, spice
informal buck up, pep up, add zest to, add zing to