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1‘a lecture on children's literature’

speech, talk, address, discourse, disquisition, presentation, oration, lesson, recitation, monologue, sermon, homily

2‘Dad got a severe lecture for wasting his money’

scolding, chiding, reprimand, rebuke, reproof, reproach, remonstration, upbraiding, berating, castigation, tirade, diatribe, harangue, admonition, admonishment, lambasting, obloquy
informal dressing-down, telling-off, talking-to, tongue-lashing
British informal rocket, wigging

commendation, pat on the back


1‘he visited schools to lecture on the dangers of drugs’

give a lecture, give a talk, talk, give a speech, make a speech, speak, give an address, discourse, expound, hold forth, declaim, expatiate, give a sermon, sermonize, pontificate
informal speechify, preachify, spout, jaw, sound off, spiel, drone on

2‘she lectures in Communications at Dublin University’

teach, tutor in, instruct in, give instruction in, give lessons in

3‘he was lectured by the headmaster in front of the whole school’

scold, chide, reprimand, rebuke, reprove, reproach, remonstrate with, upbraid, berate, castigate, chastise, admonish, lambast, nag, haul over the coals, take to task, read someone the Riot Act
informal give someone a dressing-down, give someone a talking-to, tell off
British informal tick off, carpet
North American informal bawl out