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1‘the Arthurian legends’

myth, saga, epic, folk tale, folk story, traditional story, tale, story, fairy tale, narrative, fable, romance
folklore, lore, mythology, fantasy, oral history, tradition, folk tradition, old wives' tales
technical mythos, mythus
informal yarn

2‘pop legends like the Beatles’

celebrity, star, superstar, icon, famous person, great, genius, phenomenon, luminary, giant, big name
informal celeb, megastar

3‘‘the most distinguished address in Ireland’ boasted the legend on the desk notepad’

caption, inscription, dedication, motto, slogan, device, heading, head, title, wording, subtitle, subheading, rubric, colophon

4‘the experimental conditions were as described in the legend to Figure 5’

explanation, key, code, cipher, table of symbols, guide, glossary