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1‘exercise lessens the risk of coronary heart disease’

reduce, make less, minimize, make smaller, decrease
allay, assuage, alleviate, attenuate, palliate, ease, dull, deaden, blunt, take the edge off, moderate, mitigate, check, dampen, depress, soften, tone down, dilute, relax, mollify, temper, weaken, tame, erode
narrow, lower, discount
curtail, prune, pare down, truncate
informal slash

increase, magnify

2‘the pain in his chest began to lessen’

grow less, get less, grow smaller, decrease, diminish, decline, subside, abate, moderate
fade, die down, die off, let up, ease off, tail off, drop, drop away, drop off, fall, dwindle, taper off, peter out, come down, go down, shrink, contract
ebb, wane, erode, waste away, flag, attenuate, slacken, lighten, recede, relent, remit, desist
sink, slump, plummet, fall off a cliff
British quieten
North American quiet
informal nosedive

increase, grow

3‘his behaviour lessened him in their eyes’

diminish, lower, reduce, minimize, degrade, discredit, devalue, belittle, humble

aggrandize, make more important