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1‘she sued two national newspapers for libel’

defamation, defamation of character, character assassination, calumny, misrepresentation, scandalmongering
aspersions, denigration, vilification, disparagement, derogation, insult, slander, malicious gossip, tittle-tattle, traducement
lie, slur, smear, untruth, false insinuation, false report, smear campaign, slight, innuendo, rumour
informal mud-slinging
North American informal bad-mouthing
archaic contumely


1‘she alleged the magazine had libelled her’

defame, malign, slander, give someone a bad name, blacken someone's name, sully someone's reputation, speak evil of, speak ill of, write false reports about, traduce, smear, cast aspersions on, fling mud at, drag someone's name through the mire, drag someone's name through the mud, besmirch, tarnish, taint, do a hatchet job on, tell lies about, spread tales about, spread scandal about, stain, vilify, calumniate, denigrate, disparage, run down, derogate, stigmatize, discredit, slight
North American slur
rare asperse