Synonyms of line in English

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1‘he drew a line through the name’

dash, rule, bar, score
underline, underscore, stroke, slash, virgule, solidus
stripe, strip, band, streak, belt, striation
technical stria
British oblique

2‘there were new lines round her eyes and mouth’

wrinkle, furrow, crease, crinkle, crow's foot, groove, corrugation

3usually lines‘the classic lines of its exterior’

contour, outline, configuration, shape, figure, delineation, silhouette, profile, features

4‘he headed the ball over the line’

boundary, boundary line, limit, border, borderline, bound, bounding line, frontier, partition, demarcation line, dividing line, end point, cut-off point, termination, edge, pale, margin, perimeter, periphery, rim, extremity, fringe, threshold

5usually lines‘they were behind enemy lines’

position, formation, disposition, front, front line, firing line

6‘he put the washing on the line’

cord, rope, string, cable, wire, thread, twine, strand, filament, ligature

7‘a line of soldiers’

file, rank, column, string, chain
train, convoy, procession
British queue
British informal crocodile

8‘a line of figures’

column, row

9‘it seemed to be the latest in a long line of crass decisions’

series, sequence, succession, chain, string, train
progression, course, set, cycle

10‘it stopped right in the line of flight of some bees’

course, route, track, channel, path, way, run
trajectory, bearing, orientation

11‘they took a very tough line with the industry right from the word go’

course of action, course, procedure, MO, technique, way, tactic, tack, system, method, process, manner
policy, practice, scheme, approach, plan, programme, position, stance, philosophy, argument, avenue
modus operandi

12‘she had not been listening, but pursuing her own line of thought’

course, direction, drift, tack, tendency, trend, bias, tenor

13‘oh, come on, don't give me that line’

patter, story, pitch, piece of fiction, fabrication
informal spiel

14lines‘he couldn't seem to remember his lines’

words, role, part, script, speech, dialogue

15‘there are no jobs nowadays in my line’

line of work, line of business, business, field, trade, occupation, employment, profession, work, job, day job, calling, vocation, career, pursuit, activity, walk of life
specialty, forte, province, department, sphere, area, area of expertise, domain, realm
British line of country
informal game, thing, bag, pigeon, racket

16‘he's introduced his own line of cologne’

brand, kind, sort, type, variety, make, label, trade name, trademark, registered trademark

17‘a man from a noble line claiming royal descent’

ancestry, family, parentage, birth, descent, lineage, extraction, derivation, heritage, genealogy, roots, house, dynasty, origin, background
stock, strain, race, bloodline, blood, breeding, pedigree, succession

18‘the opening line of Wilfred Owen's ‘Anthem for Doomed Youth’’

sentence, phrase, group of words, prosodic unit, construction, clause, utterance
passage, extract, quotation, quote, citation, section, piece, part, snippet, sound bite, fragment, portion

19‘perhaps I should drop Ralph a line’

note, letter, card, postcard, message, bulletin, communication, epistle, missive, memorandum, dispatch, report
correspondence, word
informal memo


1‘her face was lined with age’

furrow, wrinkle, crease, mark with lines, cover with lines, crinkle, pucker, corrugate

2‘the driveway was lined by poplars’

border, edge, fringe, bound, skirt, hem, rim

Synonyms of line in English

: line1line2


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See Spanish definition of línea


1‘a cardboard box lined with a blanket’

cover, put a lining in, back, put a backing on, interline, face, panel, inlay, reinforce, encase
paper, decorate
stuff, fill, pack, pad
archaic ceil


    toe the line

    ‘sooner or later a boy has to learn to toe the line’

    conform, obey the rules, comply with the rules, observe the rules, abide by the rules, adhere to the rules, act in accordance with the rules, follow the rules, keep to the rules, stick to the rules
    submit, yield
    informal play it by the book, play by the rules, keep in step


    ‘the medical community needs to toe the line on informed consent’

    conform, follow convention, be conventional, follow tradition, follow custom, fit in, adapt, adjust, follow the crowd, run with the pack, swim with the stream
    comply, acquiesce, do what one is told, toe the line, obey the rules, comply with the rules, observe the rules, abide by the rules, adhere to the rules, act in accordance with the rules, follow the rules, keep to the rules, stick to the rules
    submit, yield
    informal play by the rules, keep in step, go with the flow


    draw the line at

    ‘I draw the line at the fish-hook method on humanitarian grounds’

    stop short of, refuse to accept, draw a line in the sand, balk at
    object to, take issue with, take exception to
    informal put one's foot down about

    approve of

    lay it on the line

    ‘soon, I'm going to have to lay it on the line, tell them what really has been happening’

    speak frankly, be direct, speak honestly, pull no punches, be blunt, not mince one's words, call a spade a spade
    informal give it to someone straight, tell it like it is

    equivocate, shilly-shally

    in line for

    ‘he was now in line for promotion’

    a candidate for, in the running for, on the shortlist for, shortlisted for, being considered for, under consideration for, next in succession for, likely to receive, up for, ready for
    line someone or something up

    1‘they lined them up and shot them’

    arrange in a line, arrange in lines, put in rows, arrange in columns
    group, marshal, align, range, straighten up, arrange, array, dispose
    Military dress

    2‘we've lined up an all-star cast’

    assemble, get together, organize, prepare, arrange, lay on
    get, obtain, procure, secure, produce, come up with, fix up, prearrange
    book, schedule, timetable
    on the line

    ‘we should protect police officers whose lives are on the line’

    at risk, in danger, endangered, imperilled
    in line

    1‘the poor still had to stand in line for food stamps’

    in a row, in a column, in a file
    British in a queue

    2‘the adverts are in line with the editorial style of the magazines’

    in agreement, in accord, in accordance, in harmony, in step, in conformity
    in compliance, in obedience

    different, out of step

    3‘hold the front sight directly in line with the bullseye’

    in alignment, aligned, level, balanced, at the same height, straight
    plumb, true
    abreast, side by side

    4‘the referee seemed determined to keep him in line’

    under control, in order, in check, obedient, conforming with the rules
    line up

    ‘we entered the building and lined up’

    form lines, get into columns, get into rows, file, group together, fall in, straighten up
    British form a queue, queue up
    North American form a line
    Military dress
    British informal form a crocodile
    line one's pockets

    ‘he had lined his pockets with campaign funds’

    make money
    accept bribes
    embezzle money, siphon off money
    informal feather one's nest, graft, be on the make, be on the take