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1‘a lion stands ready to attack’

big cat
king of the beasts

2‘my lord was a lion amongst men’

hero, man of courage, brave man, lionheart, lionhearted man
conqueror, champion, conquering hero, warrior, knight, paladin

3‘he hobnobbed with all the lions of the symphony hall’

celebrity, person of note, dignitary, notable, VIP, personality, public figure, celebutante, pillar of society, luminary
star, superstar, big name, leading light, idol, magnate
informal big shot, bigwig, big noise, big wheel, big cheese, big gun, somebody, celeb, hotshot, megastar


    beard the lion in his den

    defy danger, face up to danger, brave danger, confront danger, stand up to danger
    court destruction, tempt providence
    informal face the music, bell the cat, bite the bullet
    the lion's share

    ‘the lion's share of the profits’

    most, the majority, the larger number, the larger part, the greater number, the greater part, the best part, the better part, the main part, more than half, the bulk, the preponderance