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1‘always clear up after a picnic and never drop litter’

refuse, junk, waste, debris, odds and ends, scraps, leavings, fragments, detritus, flotsam, discarded matter, dross, muck
British rubbish
North American trash, garbage

2‘she looked at the litter of glasses around her’

clutter, jumble, muddle, mess, tangle, heap, disorder, untidiness, confusion, hotchpotch, disarray, disorganization, disarrangement, turmoil
informal shambles
rare olla podrida

3‘a litter of kittens’

brood, family
young, offspring, progeny, issue
rare progeniture

4‘threshed straw had to be taken from the barns to the horses for use as litter’

animal bedding, bedding, straw, floor covering

5‘he was conveyed the rest of the way in a horse-drawn litter’

sedan chair, palanquin
stretcher, portable bed, portable couch


1‘clothes and newspapers littered the floor’

make untidy, mess up, make a mess of, clutter up, throw into disorder, be strewn about, be scattered about, be jumbled, be disarranged
informal make a shambles of, trash
literary bestrew, besmirch