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1‘a signal station used as a lookout during the Napoleonic Wars’

observation post, lookout point, lookout station, lookout tower, watchtower, tower, post
coastguard station

2‘the lookout sighted sails on the western horizon’

watchman, guard, watch, sentry, sentinel, night watchman, scout, picket
historical vedette

3‘it would be a poor lookout for the men of the fleet if they didn't return to shore before the rain struck’

outlook, prospect, view of the future, future
chances, expectations

4‘I doubt if she'll fit in, but that's her own lookout’

problem, concern, business, affair, responsibility, worry, difficulty
informal pigeon, funeral, headache


    be on the lookout for

    ‘he kept a sharp lookout for enemy fighters’

    keep watch, be on one's guard, keep on one's guard, beware, keep an eye out, keep a vigil, be alert, be observant, be attentive, be on the qui vive
    informal keep one's eyes peeled, keep one's eyes skinned