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1‘I've lost my watch’

mislay, misplace, be unable to find
drop, forget, overlook, lose track of, leave, leave behind, fail to keep, fail to retain, fail to keep sight of


2‘he's lost a lot of blood but his life is not in danger’

be deprived of, suffer the loss of, no longer have, stop having


3‘by this time the fans had managed to lose the police’

escape from, evade, elude, dodge, avoid, give someone the slip, shake off, throw off, throw off the scent, duck, get rid of
leave behind, outdistance, outstrip, outrun, outpace, get ahead of
informal ditch
archaic bilk

4‘she still sometimes loses her way in the maze’

stray from, wander from, depart from, go astray from, fail to keep to, fail to keep in sight
get lost, lose one's bearings

5‘he never lost an opportunity to poke fun at her’

neglect, waste, squander, fail to grasp, fail to take, fail to take advantage of, let pass, miss, forfeit, give up, ignore, disregard
informal pass up, lose out on

6‘Leeds lost twice to Rangers in the European Cup’

be defeated, be beaten, suffer defeat, be the loser, be conquered, be vanquished, be trounced, be worsted, be bested by, get the worst, have the worst, come off second-best, lose out, fail, come to grief, meet one's Waterloo
informal come a cropper, go down, take a licking


    lose out to

    ‘Celtic have lost out to rivals Rangers’

    be defeated by, be beaten by, be conquered by, be vanquished by, be trounced by, be worsted by, be bested by, be beaten into second place by
    lose out

    ‘the town has lost out on a major tourist opportunity’

    be unable to take advantage of, fail to benefit from
    be unsuccessful, be defeated, be the loser, be disadvantaged
    informal miss out on