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1a lot/lots‘he had obviously spent a lot of money’

a large amount, a fair amount, a good deal, a great deal, a deal, a great quantity, quantities, an abundance, a wealth, a profusion, plenty, masses
many, a great many, a large number, a considerable number, numerous, scores, hundreds, thousands, millions, billions
informal loads, loadsa, heaps, a pile, piles, oodles, stacks, scads, reams, wads, pots, oceans, a mountain, mountains, miles, tons, zillions, gazillions, more … than one can shake a stick at
British informal a shedload, lashings
North American informal gobs, a bunch, gazillions, bazillions
Australian, New Zealand informal a swag
vulgar slang a shitload
North American vulgar slang an assload

a little, not much, a few, not many


1a lot/lots‘I work in pastels a lot’

a great deal, a good deal, to a great extent, much
often, frequently, regularly, many times

a little, not much


1‘I will not be dictated to by that lot up at the mansion’

group, set, crowd, circle, clique, bunch, band, gang, crew, mob, pack, company
British informal shower

2‘it was auctioned off as a single lot’

batch, set, collection, load, group, bundle, bunch, consignment, quantity, assortment, parcel, aggregate

3‘he was discontented with his lot in life’

fate, destiny, fortune, doom
situation, circumstances, state, condition, position, plight, predicament

4‘they were to have one lot, and one lot only’

share, portion, quota, ration, allowance, allocation, percentage, part, piece
informal cut

5‘some youngsters playing ball in a vacant lot’

patch of ground, tract of land, allotment, piece of ground, plot, area, tract, acreage, parcel, building lot
North American plat


    throw in one's lot with

    ‘he threw in his lot with the conspirators’

    join forces with, join up with, form an alliance with, ally with, align oneself with, link up with, go into league with, combine with, join fortunes with, make common cause with
    draw lots

    ‘the players draw lots to decide who goes first’

    decide randomly, spin a coin, toss a coin, throw dice, draw straws, cut straws, decide on the toss of a coin, decide on the throw of a die, dice, decide on the drawing of straws