Synonyms of low-down in English:


See UK English definition of low-down


1‘a dirty low-down trick’

unfair, mean, despicable, reprehensible, contemptible, lamentable, disgusting, shameful, low, abject, unworthy, shabby, uncharitable, base, dishonourable, unprincipled, ignoble, sordid, wretched, loathsome, odious, treacherous, underhand
nasty, cruel, bad, immoral, wicked, wrong, evil, sinful, vile, foul, vicious, nefarious, heinous
informal rotten, dirty, stinking, beastly
archaic dastardly, scurvy

kind, altruistic, unselfish


1the low-down‘he gave us the low-down on his life as Britain's top comedian’

inside information, the whole story, the facts
data, information, facts and figures, intelligence, the news
a briefing, a brief, guidance
informal info, the score, the latest, the word, the rundown
British informal the gen
North American informal the poop, the dope