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1‘he makes model steam engines’

construct, build, assemble, put together, manufacture, produce, fabricate, create, form, fashion, model, mould, shape, forge, bring into existence


2‘she made me drink it’

force, compel, coerce, press, drive, pressure, pressurize, oblige, require
have someone do something, prevail on, dragoon, bludgeon, strong-arm, impel, constrain, urge, will, steamroller, browbeat, intimidate, use strong-arm tactics on, bully, hector, blackmail
informal railroad, bulldoze, put the heat on, put the screws on, tighten the screw on, tighten the screws on, turn the screw on, turn the screws on

3‘don't make such a noise’

cause, create, give rise to, produce, bring about, generate, engender, occasion, effect, set up, establish, institute, found, develop, originate, frame
literary beget

4‘she pirouetted and made a little bow’

perform, execute, give, do, accomplish, achieve, bring off, carry out, effect, practise, engage in, commit, act, prosecute

5‘they made him chairman’

appoint, designate, name, nominate, select, elect, vote in, install, place, post
induct, institute, invest, ordain, assign, cast as
detail, draft, engage, hire, employ, recruit, retain, enrol, enlist, sign up

6‘I've made a will and left you everything’

formulate, frame, draw up, devise, make out, prepare, compile, compose, put together
draft, write, pen, produce

7‘I'm sorry, I've made a mistake’

perpetrate, commit, be responsible for, be guilty of, be to blame for
blunder, err, trip up, put a foot wrong, nod, miscalculate
informal slip up, bloop, make a boo-boo, blow it, foul up, goof, goof up
British informal boob, drop a clanger
North American informal screw up, drop the ball

8‘he had a great talent for making money’

acquire, obtain, gain, get, realize, secure, win, earn
gross, fetch, bring in, take, take in
take home, pocket, net, clear


9‘he made lunch for us all’

prepare, get ready, put together, concoct, cook, dish up, throw together, whip up, brew
British informal mash
Northern English mast
North American informal fix

10‘parliament makes laws’

formulate, draw up, write, frame, draft, form, enact, pass, lay down, establish, institute, found, originate


11‘that makes £100’

add up to, amount to, come to, total, count as
British tot up to

12‘what do you make the total?’

compute, calculate, work out
estimate, count up, determine, gauge, reckon, put a figure on, give a figure to, forecast, predict

13‘what do you make of him?’

think about, think of
appraise, evaluate, assess, size up, adjudge, look on, view, regard, consider, judge, deem
figure, figure out, value, rate, think, sum up, weigh up

14‘we've got to make a decision’

reach, come to, settle on, determine on, conclude, establish, seal

15‘I've been asked to make a speech’

utter, give, deliver, give voice to, enunciate, recite, pronounce

16‘he'll make a great leader’

be, act as, serve as, function as, constitute, perform the function of, do duty for, play the part of, represent, embody, form

17‘he'll make the first eleven’

gain a place in, get into, gain access to, enter
achieve, attain

18‘he believed he could still make the night train’

catch, get, arrive in time for, be in time for, arrive at, reach
get to



1‘a different make of car’

brand, marque, model, mark, sort, type, kind, variety, style, label

2‘a man of a different make from his brother’

character, nature, temperament, temper, disposition, cast of mind, turn of mind, humour, make-up, kidney, mould, stamp


    make for

    1‘she made for the door’

    go towards, head for, head towards, aim for, make one's way towards, move towards, direct one's steps towards, steer a course towards, be bound for, set out for, make a beeline for, take to

    2‘constant arguing doesn't make for a happy marriage’

    contribute to, be conducive to, produce, promote, facilitate, further, advance, forward, foster, favour
    formal conduce to
    make off with

    ‘burglars made off with all the wedding presents’

    take, steal, purloin, pilfer, abscond with, appropriate, run away with, run off with, carry off, snatch
    kidnap, abduct
    informal walk away with, walk off with, swipe, filch, snaffle, nab, lift, liberate, snitch
    British informal pinch, half-inch, nick, whip, knock off, nobble, bone
    North American informal heist, glom
    Australian informal snavel
    West Indian informal tief
    archaic crib, hook
    make as if

    ‘he made as if to run away’

    feign, pretend, give the impression, make a pretence of, make a show of, affect, feint, make out
    informal put it on
    make something up

    1‘women make up 56 per cent of the student body’

    comprise, form, compose, constitute, account for

    2‘he brought a friend with him to make up a foursome’

    complete, round off, finish

    3‘the pharmacist made up the prescription’

    prepare, mix, concoct, put together

    4‘I'll have to make up an excuse’

    invent, fabricate, concoct, dream up, think up, hatch, trump up
    devise, manufacture, formulate, frame, construct, coin
    informal cook up

    5‘she made up her face carefully’

    apply cosmetics to, apply make-up to, powder, rouge
    informal put on one's face, do one's face, paint one's face, tart oneself up, do oneself up, apply one's warpaint, doll oneself up
    make up one's mind

    ‘stop dithering and make up your mind’

    decide, be decisive, come to a decision, make a decision, reach a decision
    determine, resolve, settle on a plan of action, come to a conclusion, reach a conclusion
    on the make

    ‘everyone is on the make, especially the children’

    ambitious, aspiring, determined, forceful, pushy, enterprising, pioneering, progressive, eager, motivated, enthusiastic, energetic, zealous, committed, go-ahead, go-getting, purposeful, assertive, aggressive, hungry, power-hungry
    make up for

    1‘she tried to make up for what she'd said earlier’

    atone for, make amends for, compensate for, make recompense for, make reparation for, make redress for, make restitution for, expiate
    formal requite

    2‘hard work can more than make up for a lack of intellectual brilliance’

    offset, counterbalance, counterweigh, counteract, compensate for
    balance, neutralize, cancel out, even up, redeem
    make way

    ‘please make way for the king’

    move aside, clear the way, make a space, make room, stand back
    allow to pass, allow through
    make it

    1‘he never really made it as a doctor’

    succeed, be successful, prosper, distinguish oneself, be a success, get ahead, make good
    informal make the grade, arrive, crack it, cut it, find a place in the sun

    2‘she's very ill—is she going to make it?’

    survive, come through, pull through, get better, recover, rally, recuperate
    make off

    ‘on seeing the police they made off’

    run away, run off, take to one's heels, beat a hasty retreat, flee, make one's getaway, make a quick exit, make a run for it, run for it, take off, take flight, bolt, fly, make oneself scarce, leave, abscond, decamp, do a disappearing act
    informal clear off, clear out, beat it, do a runner, make tracks, cut and run, skedaddle, vamoose, hightail it, hotfoot it, show a clean pair of heels, fly the coop, split, scoot, scram
    British informal scarper, have it away, have it away on one's toes, leg it
    North American informal light out, bug out, cut out, peel out, take a powder
    British informal, dated hook it

    turn up

    make out

    1‘how did you make out?’

    get on, get along, fare, do, proceed, go, progress, manage, survive, cope, get by

    2‘they were making out on the sofa’

    kiss and cuddle, caress, French kiss, pet, engage in heavy petting
    make love, have sex, have sexual intercourse
    informal canoodle, neck, smooch
    British informal snog, bonk, do it, make whoopee, get one's oats
    North American informal get it on
    vulgar slang fuck, screw, hump, do the business, have it away, have it off
    British vulgar slang roger
    informal, dated spoon, couple
    formal copulate, fornicate
    make up

    ‘come now, pet, let's kiss and make up’

    be friends again, bury the hatchet, declare a truce, make peace, forgive and forget, shake hands, become reconciled, settle one's differences, mend fences, call it quits


    make up to

    ‘she spent the whole evening making up to Adam’

    flirt with, chase after, run after, pursue, make romantic advances to, court, woo
    informal chat up, make eyes at, make sheep's eyes at, give the come-on to, come on to, be all over, vamp
    dated set one's cap at
    make do

    1‘we have very little but we make do’

    scrape along, scrape by, get along, get by, manage, cope, survive, muddle along, muddle through, fare all right, make the best of a bad job, improvise, make ends meet, keep the wolf from the door, keep one's head above water, shift for oneself
    informal make out

    2‘you'll have to make do with an old car’

    make the best of, get by on, get by with, put to the best use, make the most of
    make believe

    pretend, fantasize, indulge in fantasy, daydream, build castles in the air, build castles in Spain, dream, imagine, romance, fancy, play-act, play
    make love

    have sex, have sexual intercourse, go to bed, go to bed together, sleep together
    British informal bonk, do it, make whoopee, get one's oats
    North American informal get it on
    vulgar slang fuck, screw, shag, hump, do the business, have it away, have it off
    British vulgar slang knob, roger
    formal copulate, fornicate
    dated couple
    make away with

    1‘he could have made away with her and dumped the body’

    kill, murder, put to death, slaughter, dispatch, execute, eliminate
    informal bump off, do away with, do in, do for, knock off, take out, finish off, top, croak, stiff, liquidate, blow away
    North American informal ice, off, rub out, smoke, waste
    literary slay

    2‘they made away with the evidence’

    dispose of, get rid of, destroy, throw away, jettison, ditch, dump, eliminate
    informal do away with
    make something out

    1‘I could just make out a figure in the distance’

    see, discern, distinguish, perceive, pick out, detect, notice, observe, recognize, catch sight of, glimpse, discover
    literary descry, espy, behold

    2‘he couldn't make out what she was saying’

    understand, comprehend, follow, grasp, fathom, work out, figure out, make sense of, interpret, decipher, make head or tail of, get, get the drift of, catch
    British informal suss out

    3‘she made out that he was violent’

    allege, claim, assert, declare, maintain, affirm, aver, suggest, imply, hint, insinuate, indicate, intimate, impute, make as if, make as though, pretend

    4‘how do you make that out?’

    demonstrate, show to be true, establish, substantiate, prove, verify, validate, authenticate, corroborate

    5‘he made out a receipt for $20’

    write out, fill out, fill in, complete, draw up, draft, inscribe
    make something over to someone

    ‘he made over the whole property to his son’

    transfer, sign over, turn over, hand over, hand on, give, hand down, leave, bequeath, bestow, pass on, devolve, transmit, cede, deliver, assign, consign, convey, entrust